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PubGolf 2001 (October 2001)

Another collection of dodgy pictures.. and Australians :-)

I have attempted to set the pictures in order...

They are almost there but as it has taken me two months to get this far.... that's about the best it will get.

1pc1 1pc2 1pc3 1pc4 2tp01 3oe01
3oe02 3oe03 3oe04 3oe05 3oe06 3oe07
3oe08 3oe09 3oe10 3oe11 4on01 4on02
4on03 4on04 4on05 4on06 5tc01 5tc02
5tc03 6bp01 6bp02 6bp03 6bp04 6bp05
6bp06 6bp07 6bp08 6bp09 6bp10 6bp11
6bp12 6bp13 6bp14 6bp15 6bp16 6bp17
6bp18 6bp19 8la01 8la02 8la03 8la04
8la05 8la06 8la07 8la09 8la10 8la11
8la12 8la13 8la14 8la15 8la16 9ca03
9ca04 9ca05 9ca06 9ca07 9ca08 9ca09