What’s new?

20210102 A new website!

There has not been a lot (if any !) updates to this site in a wee while. The rules etc are all still good but Work, Family and flying paragliders (and I’m getting old) mean that pubcrawls are a thing of the past. The refresh, if you can call it that! is more about testing my AWS skills than anything else. There will be more updates to come as I set up some lambda functions etc. these are being documented on my other website:

20080704 update

not a lot happening in the world of pubgolf there is a romour that we’re all getting old but that’s a lie it’s just… the committee have split to the four (or should that be 5 corners of the earth. I’m now married (and a dad) and slightly obsessed with paragliding.

no plans for a new game yet but maybe next august….

20020708 Pubgolf 2002

New Game. The next game of pubgolf will be on Saturday 31st August 2002.

Tee off: 18:00

First Hole: Yet To Be decided - probably Cental London.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions on this years course - please let me know.

Hope to see you there.


20020106 Pubgolf Update

And so a New Year starts…

HAPPY NEW YEAR There’s not really much for me to say at this moment in time.

The Pubgolf 2001 (October) Pictures have been updated on the site.

Congradulations go to our two Joint Winners

John Whitecross & Jody Whitefield

We have had several people traveling to play the game. Duncan and Scott came all the way from Glasgow. While Dave and Rodney had just flown in especially from the USA but proved that Ausies that travel can’t handle their drink :-) We actually had a couple of English guys turn up (forced into it by Mr Bowie. (Scott Bowie - an expert on the Larch and speling) They made it all the way from Guildford but decided to be spectators from the start… They just didn’t have the survival instinct. The other news that I heard (while in Edinburgh over New Year) was that Dave had managed to get a game of PubGolf going in Australia. I think they bent the rules a wee bit - husing pot’s of beer instead of Beer but it’s a good start. I hope everyone has a good Year - If you fancy a beer - let me know


20010820 Pubgolf 2001: Part2

And so it starts again… We are playing a new game of Pubgolf on Saturday 8th of September 2001.

The course has been Identified - We will be starting between Bond St & Oxford Circus Tub station then heading (in a round about way) down to Piccadilly Circus Tube Station for info on the rout - check out the routemap type thing.

20010307 Pubgolf 2001:

We have a winner. On his first attempt at the London Course John Whitecross (an unranked player) from Annan in Dumfries & Galloway surprised all with his amazing performance. Nothing quite like it had been seen before in the elegant game of PubGolf.

The Beardy bloke fae Edinburgh reported some strange things happening on his website. Check out the story of how there were fatalities during the game?

20010304 Pubgolf 2001 announced.

After an interesting day in the pub watching Scotland put up a good show at the rugby but we still lost :-( the Weybridge PGA committee decided that another game of Pubgolf needed to be held. It has been decided that Saturday 7th of April 2001 would be a suitable date.

20001210 New Website design - less blue! let me know if you like or dislike it.

20001202 Croydon Pubgolf - 18 holes - Strange rules - Lots of fun

20000902 Pubgolf 2000

Simon King Won! Again! Lots of beer - lots of fun? and a wee bit of Chunder :-( and a ginger wig….check out the pictures…

20000826 PubGolf 2000 - Saturday 2nd September - Weybridge, Surrey Ahh alkohol abuse - I feel it’s needed.

20000826 The grand plans from last year’s PubGolf kind of fell away - visits to Edinburgh, Cardif, Dublin,& Liverpool were all planned but they kind of fell by the wayside…

So much to do…

so little time to spend drinking :-(

It’s just So G.D.M.F.T