What, how, where and why?

It’s a game…It’s more than a game…It’s a pub Crawl :-)

Nine pubs.. Several drinks and a wee hangover the next day.

Main Rules.

Each pub is a hole, and as such it has a par and a specified drink, and may have a water hazard. Your score is the number of mouthfuls for the drink. The par and the drink are specified on the scorecard for each hole.

There is a competition for both professional and ladies Courses. Neither competition is gender specific. There will also be an Amateur Course. This is for all the wooses out there who want to participate but are a bit of a lightweight.


You must have a mixer if specified, if none is specified, then mixers are optional, and do not influence the score.

Straws are not Allowed to be used at any point on the course.

A bonus stroke will be knocked of your scrore for Managing to do a 60 second drambuie at hole 7. This must be timed and verified by either course referree.

True Proffesionals only play the profesional course.

If you start to slack you can drop out and play the ladies course. If this happends your score for the Professional course carries down to the ladies course But You can no longer play the Professional course.

If you drop down to the wooses cours - your stroke will also cary down but can you really show your face ever again?

A mouthful (stroke) is defined as taking the glass to the mouth and drinking. When the glass leaves your mouth, or you stop drinking, your stroke has finished.

Drink Substitution

If you wish to play the hole using a different drink (drink substitution), this is Not really acceptable and is at the Greenskeeper’s discretion. It will also incurs a penalty. The substitution must be of the same drink type (i.e. a pint for a pint, or a short for a short)

The penalty for drink substitution is a double measure of a short.

The number of strokes taken for the penaty drink must be added to the score for the hole.

Water Hazards

If a hole has a water hazard, you are not allowed to go to the toilet there. Penalty for violation is playing the hole again (Using the professional Yardage)

When playing the penalty, the total strokes for playing the hole twice must be used as the score for the hole.


Your score for a hole is the number of strokes taken to complete the hole, this must be recorded on your score card.

You must also record all penalties, slip-ups and other violations of the rules.

The winner of each course is the player with the lowest score.

In the event of a tie at the end of the competition the competitor with the least number of penalties will be declared the winner. If there is still a tie then a play-off occurs, where the last hole is played repeately until one player wins by two strokes.

Any disputes shall be settle by a commitee comprising the organisers and the referee. In the absence of sober organisers then the referee’s word is law.

Any drinks played outside of those required for the competition will not influence the score in any direct way.

Throwing up is not good But will only add two strokes to your score card

These rules are subject to change without notice

If these rules are not quite how you want to play - try some of these alternate rules.