Alternative Rules

There are Lots of different ways to play pubgolf.

I like my rules because I made them but other people have set their own versions.

Croydon Pubgolf

This is an interesting version of the normal pubgolf rules.

How it works…

Your score is the par for the hole, less your drink score.

So in the first pub, drink a pint and score 0, drink a coke and score 4 drink a cocktail and score -2

This happens in each pub and the overall score is worked out at the end.

As with golf the lowest score wins.

The following rules must be obayed…

You only score while in the pub at the allocated time. You can get in early (must finish during the pub allocation time) but if you’re late, No score.

Throw up. You’re out. Keep Croydon Tidy.

Glasses back to the bar to score. Scores must be marked in by someone else.

You cannot give yourself the score.

The Harvey Nash Plc Broad Street Open

David Maundrell sent in this set of rules as played in Birmingham.

He also sent in a scorecard (see downloads page)


As played The Harvey Nash Plc Broad Street Open. Saturday 29th July 2000.

All players must familiarise themselves with the following rules prior to the games, as any reminders will count as an extra shot.

  1. A shot is counted from the moment the player addresses the drink in question to their lips.I.e. downing the drink = a hole in one.

  2. Players must all have at least one partner to go round the course with in order to validate the number of shots taken at each hole and to check that all rules have been followed. Foursomes are encouraged.

  3. The following hazards apply to the holes where marked:

i) Sand. A sand trap results in the players only being allowed to use their left hand for the duration of that hole. Any right handed play will result in the penalty of an extra drink having to be taken and the score for that added to the hole.

ii) Water. Where there is a water hazard, no players shall be permitted to utilise the water closet facilities of the establishment. Again, any visits to the aforementioned conveniences will result in an extra drink being taken, with the score being added to that hole.

  1. The type of drink for each hole is not optional. This is for your own safety and deviating from the guide will lead to severe penalties being imposed.

  2. All players must provide their own writing materials and have their scorecard available for inspection at all times. The above penalties apply once again.

  3. Anybody found to be soliciting with the opposite sex would be deemed as seeking help or advice from the spectators. As with rule 4 above, severe penalties will be imposed on the perpetrator.

  4. The judge’s decision is final. No correspondence will be entered into.